Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christ is born!

The next morning I was up at 7:15am. The deal was at 7:30am everyone was getting up to open presents. I have read many debates this holiday season about Santa Clause aka St. Nicholas. I am now going to add my two cents on the topic. Many people have claimed that Santa takes away from the main event The Birth of Christ. I however feel that there is no harm in Santa and that teaching your children the meaning of St. Nicholas and what I feel is the moral to the story: that giving this time of year and all through out the year is very important. Especially important to those in need is a great lesson learned. I also feel that as a teacher or parent if you teach your child about what Christmas is all about: the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ then adding Santa and all of his Christmas Cheer should not be a problem! 
On a lighter note Santa brought me a Juicer for Christmas!  
This is not just any Juicer this is a Sharper Image Super Juicer 700!
 This is the same face I made when I got Barbie roller skates as a child 20 years ago! Priceless!
  Some other of my favorite things... Bella and Edward Hallmark Ornament from the twilight series and my cute new pea coat!
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

The eve of Christ Our Savors Birth!

On Christmas Eve we go to Midnight Mass which is at 8:00pm at our church!
 M and I
My sister, brother and I
After mass we as kids would always listen to my Dad read The Night Before Christmas. The past two years no one wanted to read it so as everyone was getting ready for bed I read it to them in my best teacher voice and by the time I was finished everyone was gone. They heard most of it! I love traditions and we have had this one my whole life so I just wanted to keep it alive! I think it is time I have some children of my own who will sit and listen to me read!

1 day until Christmas: Here and Gone!

On Christmas Eve I spent much needed time with family! It was full of yummy food and the annual Christmas puzzle  (which was snoopy) that was finished before 4pm. Along with me shouting out where Santa was and how long we had until he got to the States.Everyone loved me for that!
After a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner we went to church to thank the lord for bringing his son to earth! 
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Friday, December 24, 2010

2 days until Christmas: The craziness before the calm

The Peanuts Christmas...LOVE it!
Thursday was a calm day... I had a half day of work. I came home to finish wrapping presents, packing and preparing for the traveling! Everyone is so excited to start vacation!
I will soon be tracking Santa on the Official NORAD Santa Tracker.

3 days until Christmas!: The party

Wednesday we had a Christmas party and I think the best one yet! Both of my classes made a birthday cake for Jesus and we sang Happy Birthday to him! WE also had a bounce house which I forgot to take a picture of with just me in it so here is Ms. Nikki having a blast in the bounce house!  It was much better then the sugar filled crazy parties we have had before. The kids this year got to bounce through out the day and their parents were happy when they were all snuggled into their beds extra early that evening!
Merry Christmas Ms. Nikki!

4 days until Christmas: spoiled!

Today (Tuesday December 21st) was a busy fun and exciting emotional day! In the morning I opened up my presents from Ms. Trisha! We have a "mild" obsession for the Twilight Saga! Team Edward all the way!
 As you can note all of the essentials as a Pre-K teacher, fun socks, life savers, Vera Bradley to keep my drinks cold and masking tape... I wrote my name on the inside immediately! It always seems to walk away from my room! The best present was my Eclipse Calender! Only 11 more months until Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out!

My class sang and signed Christmas songs for the Rotary Club at the local Country Club and then off to make a special Christmas surprise trip to see Ms. Candie!
 All of the kids made Christmas Cards and brought gifts! She was in heaven! We miss her so much but we know she is still recovering and she looks so good for just having brain surgery! 

Tuesday Evening we opened up some more presents and this one was not on my list!
When M and I went to St. Marteen in the fall we found a store that makes clothing out of Bamboo. I didn't get anything but I loved the Eco-friendly hypo-allergic feel to them! When I came home I could not find a website for anything like it. Well M did and bought me a pair of lavender bamboo pajamas! It was an awesome gift that I LOVE! M didn't even have to wrap it. It came pre-wrapped in this beautiful  Eco-friendly box! Thanks M! Love ya!

5 days until Christmas: Monday night's present

Since me and M travel so much for the holidays we open our presents at home. We normally do it all in one night but this year I just didn't want to wait so we started opening presents on Monday. On Monday night I got a purple wireless mouse to match last years Christmas present of a Vera Bradley purple punch mouse pad! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

6 days until Christmas: The Vera Present!

Today I went into work super excited because I was giving all of my Christmas cheer presents out! I made cookies for all the teachers in the building and then the ladies I worked with I got Vera Bradley bags. I bought them months ago during a sale and I have been waiting for what seems like forever to give them their gifts.
 Ms. Kate and her Ditty Bag for swim days!
 Ms. Trisha oh so happy with her Ditty bag for swim days!
They loved them and the best part was that Ms. Nicole was so super excited! Her face was priceless!
I love spreading holiday cheer it makes me so happy!
Happy Monday Everyone! 

7 days until Christmas! : Boys and there toys!

After dinner at our friends party we exchanged gifts. All the girls brought a girl gift and all the boys brought a boy type gift. The boys fought over their gifts and M ended up with the most wanted gift. 
The Knex loopin lighting coaster.
The next morning I woke up and it was almost complete!
Every guy at our party wanted this cool toy!  Boys will be boys no matter how old they are!

8 days until Christmas: The Friends Christmas Party

Last night (Saturday night) was our Friends Christmas Party that we have every year! This year we had 17 guests attend. There was so much yummy food. I am still full and it's the morning after! The table was beautifully set as always but my friend Lisa.
 Our dear friend Jamie and her husband drove from Virgina to come to our party. We miss having her around but it is always so nice to see her!
I wore my Christmas shirt for a second time this year.
Many good times were had and I wish I had more pictures but most of them were blurry with my camera phone which I am unsure of because it worked wonderfully the day before so I need to check the settings! 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

9 days until Christmas : crafts at school

On Friday we made lots of cute crafty Christmas presents for our parents. We made snowflake ornaments and pine cone ornaments and then Ms. Nikki made recyclable paper (more on that in a few days)!
 I had to twist the sparkly pipe cleaners because it was hard even for me.
Then he children added beads and we bent the ends so they would not come off and added a hook. 
The pine cones were super easy and a little messy but fun. I tied the red string on ahead of time and the children painted on the glue and glitter mixture. They did a just silver sparkly coat in the morning and then a multi-color coat in the afternoon! 
 This is right after the first coat was applied. I will have to post final pictures on Monday!
The children had a great time on this crafty Christmas friday!
*** Special Note all of theses pictures were taken with my new phone.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

10 days until christmas: Gingerbread men, women and babies!

On wednesday my class decorated gingerbread cookies! This was the easiest year ever due to Pillsbury Gingerbread Cookie Dough. It cost me 3.00 at wal-mart and it made my life so much easier!
We had a great time rolling out the dough and cutting out our Gingerbread men. My students are so cute some wanted to make Gingerbread women and a lot of my kidos were adding to their family and wanted Gingerbread babies. We also had read the Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett so that was also an influence. They decoreted them and off they went into the oven.

 Over load on the sugar!
The Gingerbread RAN AWAY! The children went to go get snack and they were NO where to be found... except a note that said the gingerbread men wanted to go play with the sports balls. So they went to the sport storage closet and found another NOTE! It said they were to short to play with the sports balls and they decided to look at the river (we are located next to the river) . So the kids went  to the river view room and found another NOTE! It said Ms. Beth (our director) found the gingerbread people climbing chairs to get to the window and that is against the rules so they had to go to the office. Finally the Gingerbread people were waiting for them in the office! They loved it and they tasted very good!

Oh how I love the holiday season! Fun and Joy and yummy food!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

15,14,13,12,11... days until Christmas

So, I have been super busy and super slacking on my 25 days of Christmas blog! Between finishing up grad school and preparing for the holidays at school and then preparing for Christmas itself... there has been no time! On Monday I received my new phone. The Droid X. Now ladies and gentleman... I have taken baby steps in the world of technology. While everyone was face booking many years ago... I was not. While everyone was texting... I was not.  So, I am now on facebook and have started this blog recently and can text a little. I felt the need to take a big step and upgrade my phone (which was free). I figured that if I did not make the step now while M and I are renewing our plan that I would be lost in time and technology would change so much in two years that I would be really really really behind. So as I go down memory lane from the brick that I had as my first phone to the silver razor turned purple with a cover. Then a Motorola W755 cellie which came purple and was a major deciding factor in purchasing the phone. 

The new phone can do everything and anything that you could do on a computer. I am getting use to it and find it very easy to just go to Google and ask a question and find an answer in a language I understand! 
I present to you the Droid X...
 Now this is a black phone and it is dull and boring to me so ... Just like the sparkle in my eye I had to indulge and keep with tradition and order a bedazzled, sparkly, fabulous purple cover!

Motorola Droid X Snap-On Diamond Phone Case - Purple / Black Leopard

It's fun and it sparkles and I LOVE IT ! It was like getting a Christmas present a week early! I was more excited about this cover then the actual phone! Now my new dilemma is that my Vera Bradley bags held my old phone nicely. This phone is too big so I think it is time for some new Vera!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

16 days until Christmas: Crafty ornaments

M and I have received many crafty ornaments through out the past years from our nieces and they are so cute that I wanted to share some of my favorite with you

This last one I got from a grandparent of one of my students! 
It had lottery tickets in it! Love the idea... didn't win the lottery!

17 days until Christmas: Hanukkah

Did you know that Jesus was a Jew? He was and I spent this week teaching my class about the Jewish holiday called Hanukkah. We learned all about the celebration of lights and about what families do each night of Hanukkah. But do you know the best part of this fun filled week! Dreidels!  Each year we make marshmallow and Hershey kissed dreidels and the kids LOVE THEM!  (So do the teachers)

Super easy to make! Tooth pick into marshmallow into Hershey kiss and your done!
Please make sure there is an adult to supervise the children. Toothpicks are sharp!

18 days until Christmas : Tree

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree your lights look like worms crawling all over me! 
This is what young children do to you during the holidays!

19 days until christmas: Christmas catch up craziness!

Well, as always life gets super busy this time of year, I have not kept up with my blog! BAD Amanda! It is time to catch up! I feel a sigh of relief this Saturday Morning. My smashed up car that has been in the shop for a MONTH is back in my possession. All of my progress reports have gone out and I have one set of my classrooms parent teacher conferences completed. I completed my case study for my grad class even thought I have a wonderful cold and my nose was running off my face! I have decided that even though it might take super long. I still would like to continue my grad courses but I will be taking them in the summer for one summer session and a few at a time. I can not juggle everything else in life and classes. It just isn't working out.

On that note on the 19th days before Christmas what I am loving is... my Puffs Plus with lotion in my pretty purple box! We go everywhere together!
Me and My Puffs

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

20 days until Christmas! Baking made simple!

So I normally make my cookies from scratch but I decided to try this...
 Nestle Toll House peanut butter cookie dough already made! 
]I took a teaspoon and a half worth and rolled it into a ball.
 Then I rolled it into some sugar...
 placed it onto my baking sheet and squished a little with the back of my spoon...
Baked as directed and added a unwrapped Hershey kiss on top. Simple. Easy. Clean and Fast! 
Oh and they were so good! I am not sure why I didn't' take a picture of them complete but I will be making them again so I will take one then!

21 days until Christmas wrapping

I spent the evening watching ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas movie of the evening and I began to wrap presents! I gathered all my supplies and had a grand time!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

22 days until Christmas : Angels we have heard on high

Well me and my little ones were on the front page of the local paper!
We did not know that they were coming and we had had bad weather all week so a lot of kids were not pictured which makes me sad and of course parents complained! But they are all my little angels! The are what I get up in the morning for!  They are why I spend so much money and why I make sure we have a lot of fun learning!
We have spent over a month practicing for the big event last night. We sang and signed Jingle Bells to the whole community. It was snowing, it was cold and it was dark! I think the kids had a great time but the adults were on edge. This was another experience and example that I can not control everything and I just had to take a deep breath and go with the flow! We all live and we learn!  I could NOT have done it with out all of the staff members that came out to help me! It is amazing what some people do! It makes me so happy!
Happy Holiday... its all about the kids!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

23 days until Christmas! The Elf

All week long my students waited for the arrival of our very own Elf on the Shelf! I myself was extremely excited! The Elf took a plane to get here all the way from the North Pole!
 Here is the awesome shipping box (except for the front corner that got smashed) It is on the other side!
 This is the inside box! It is totally awesome and the kids loved it!
 Here I am opening it up with the children! You should have seen their eyes open so wide!
We then picked out names for our Elf and voted on which one it would be. Edward the Elf! Of all names! My love for fictional vampires may have had an influence on the decision making. The children wanted me to take him out of the box. I told him that I would not touch him because if you touch him the Christmas magic dissapears! I was not going to be the one to ruin the magic! WE did open the "door" to his home so that tonight he could go to the North Pole to do his business with Santa! 
So... the Elf on the Shelf is awesome and everyone need to get one! I will let you know how it goes as the days grow closer to the Birth of the Lord!