Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Saturday

St. Maatren oh how I love this island! Of course they saved the best for last! I had never been to this particular island but let me tell you it was by far my favorite stop on this cruise! The island is divided into part French and part Dutch. To me it did not matter because it was gorgeous. The beaches were perfect!

Michael and I had nothing really planned for this day except to go meet the creator of Yoda (from star wars). Well as soon as we saw the beaches it was love at first sight for me and all I wanted to do was get my towel and book and park myself under a beach umbrella! We did go meet the creator of Yoda and see his memorabilia. I wasn't really interested because I don't even remember the mans name. Opps! On the way we found a store that sold clothing made out of bamboo. I was in heaven. I love the eco-friendly! I didn't get anything and I can't remember the stores name but I would love some clothing from there!

 Finally we went back to the boat had a chocolate buffet for lunch and headed back to the beach! This was the best afternoon I had on the beach. It was quiet, breezy and the view was a gift from god! When it was time to go, I was like a child throwing a tantrum! Michael had to drag me back to the boat before it left. I did not want to leave. Luckly we negotiated another weekend vacation just to St. Maatreen at a resort!
PS- Mom you would love this place and the Disney Cruise line stops here!
 To the right of me was the resorts that I spotted!
 Happy Amanda and the fun ship behind me!
Last night of amazing food! I didn't want to leave but all good things have to come to an end!

Last Friday

Last Friday we were in St. Kitt. Small beaches but it was nice and breezy.

 At dinner there were some pretty desserts!

 I promised the waiter that I would dance with him. Almost every night they had a song and dance in the middle of dinner. This night I did dance. There is video but it is way to embarrassing!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joining the Thankful Thursday Club!

A lot of the ladies that I follow have Thankful Thursdays...I think it is such an amazing idea that I am going to do my first Thankful Thursday!
 Today I took my kidos to a Haunted House (one of the parents owns it) and I am very thankful for letting us come and go through it free of charge with the lights on and I am also thankful that they think of other children! They have a whole weekend where they open their doors to help out the 
Children's Miracle Network!
 I am thankful for my mom who got me theses super cute socks that I wore to the Haunted House Boo!
I am thankful for the children and parents that think of me.I am so blessed to have a great group of kids and parents! One of my students (with help) made a really cute Frankenstein lantern for me! I LOVE IT! 
It is such a great Halloween gift!
 I am also thankful for this cute bag that was made for me! I took my lunch to school today in it!
Lastly, I am thankful for my co-workers, friends, family and my husband!

Last Thursday

Even though I was still on vacation last Thursday ... i wasn't haven such a great time. Hubby and I went on a Whale/Dolphin watch excursion and I was sea sick the whole time! 
Little Boats = Sea Sick. Big Boats = Fun Times!

Oh and No Whales or Dolphins or any wild life!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party Fun!

Both of my classrooms had their Halloween party which took quite a bit of planning to pull off but it happened and everyone was happy and had fun! I can't show you all the adorable costumes but I have to say all the children looked so cute and lovable... even Darth vader who was only a few feet tall and the three batmans and iorn mans!
I can show you the pictures from the Halloween Centers. We had slime, witch's brew, donut eating and...
 Spider cupcake making 
(yes those are spiders... I have a very creative group!)
and Apple People
The kids had a great time being creative with theses two learning centers at our party!
Thanks to all the parents that made it such a special day!

Last Wednesday

Wednesday was wonderful in Barbados! We went to one of America's Top10 Ten Beaches in the World and below is why! It is amazingly beautiful! The water is just the right temperature and the sand is as soft as baby powder. I never ever wanted to leave Barbados!
 Michael and I had our beach towels umbrella and books. It was so peaceful. 
It was like the beer comercials with books instead of beer. It was quiet and breezy and so relaxing!
 Casual Night # 2 Outfit

Bye Bye Barbados ... I hope to see you again real soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday I was in Dominica! We just went window shopping and relaxed. I wasn't feeling so well but was feeling much better around dinner time!
 Beautiful Green Mountains
 The port.

 Formal Night # 1
(Thanks Lisa for the pretty bridesmaid dress that I now wore for a third time)
My favorite picture from the cruise!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Monday

I am still new at posting (I need to do it more frequently) but I have to say I am excited to post where I was last week... I got to go on an amazing vacation with my husband! It was a wonderful time to relax and get away from everything and just be with each other!
Our first stop was St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.
 The beach was breath taking! The water was almost as blue as my dress and crystal clear!
 It is always amazing what God has created for us!
I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to experience this paradise!
 This picture is taken from on top of the island. It is post card perfect!
 I could tell I felt very sandy in this picture. Almost sticky but look at the land the lord has laid!
 This is another grand photo with our cruise ship in sight!
 Our 3rd Carnival Vacation! A really nice ship.
 It was so cute. I had to pose here for a touristy picture.
My casual outfit for the casual dinner night. Early seating of course! Everyone knows I can't stay up late!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Today was the first day in almost a week that the sun was shinning! It was the PERFECT day to take my students to the pumpkin patch! We had so much fun! I LOVE fall, the sun, my students, my co-teachers, the parents and did I mention I love the sun!

 This is Ms. Amanda on the Hayride!
 Ms. Amanda by the BIG spider!
Yes I am wearing rain boots. It was a bit muddy!
 Ms. Amanda in the corn maze!
 Ms. Amanda in The Great Pumpkin Patch!
 Ms. Amanda with the evil kitty cat!
 Ms. Amanda with the pumpkin by the pumpkin patch where we all picked our pumpkins!
 Ms. Amanda picked a huge and heavy pumpkin for her husband to carve! 
I love you hunny!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The letter D is for decorations!

This weekend my best friends are coming to visit with their babies! We met in college and have been friends ever since! We get together in the fall to celebrate Jesus's Birthday! It is a wonderful time to catch up on life and celebrate the birth of our savior! Last year the girls were pregnant! This year will be the first girls weekend with the babies! It is going to be such a special time. For this wonderful occasion I made them door tags(just like in college) so they know which guest room they are going to be staying in!

The Letter D

This week we are learning about the letter D. 

Since I teach such young children they are beginning to learn how to write their letters. A great way to practice is to have them rainbow write. Each child gets to choose a different color out of the crayon box and trace over that letter. We also free write the letter on a wipe board or dry ease board. This gives less restrictions to how much space they can use.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away we want to go to the Pumpkin Patch today!

Today I was suppose to take my students to the pumpkin patch but it was so cold and rainy that we couldn't go! I was very sad but we reschedule it for Thursday! I will have lots of fun photos to show on Thursday.
Instead of doing school work we played in learning centers and had a witch fly into our wall!  
The children thought it was hilarious and it added some color into the room.What one dollar can do! I got this at the dollar tree!

Every morning my students come in and find their names (great for name recognition) and add it to our pocket chart. Last month each child had a different color cut out crayon with their name on it. This month they have a pumpkin to add to our pumpkin patch!
This is one of the classroom's Pumpkin Patches

The last thing I did before I left today was I counted out 100 plastic bags that the school had saved to recycle. We will reuse theses bags for each child's pumpkin that they pick at the pumpkin patch. This way we know which pumpkin is which! Then we can recycle them when we are finished!