Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joining the Thankful Thursday Club!

A lot of the ladies that I follow have Thankful Thursdays...I think it is such an amazing idea that I am going to do my first Thankful Thursday!
 Today I took my kidos to a Haunted House (one of the parents owns it) and I am very thankful for letting us come and go through it free of charge with the lights on and I am also thankful that they think of other children! They have a whole weekend where they open their doors to help out the 
Children's Miracle Network!
 I am thankful for my mom who got me theses super cute socks that I wore to the Haunted House Boo!
I am thankful for the children and parents that think of me.I am so blessed to have a great group of kids and parents! One of my students (with help) made a really cute Frankenstein lantern for me! I LOVE IT! 
It is such a great Halloween gift!
 I am also thankful for this cute bag that was made for me! I took my lunch to school today in it!
Lastly, I am thankful for my co-workers, friends, family and my husband!

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