Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Saturday

St. Maatren oh how I love this island! Of course they saved the best for last! I had never been to this particular island but let me tell you it was by far my favorite stop on this cruise! The island is divided into part French and part Dutch. To me it did not matter because it was gorgeous. The beaches were perfect!

Michael and I had nothing really planned for this day except to go meet the creator of Yoda (from star wars). Well as soon as we saw the beaches it was love at first sight for me and all I wanted to do was get my towel and book and park myself under a beach umbrella! We did go meet the creator of Yoda and see his memorabilia. I wasn't really interested because I don't even remember the mans name. Opps! On the way we found a store that sold clothing made out of bamboo. I was in heaven. I love the eco-friendly! I didn't get anything and I can't remember the stores name but I would love some clothing from there!

 Finally we went back to the boat had a chocolate buffet for lunch and headed back to the beach! This was the best afternoon I had on the beach. It was quiet, breezy and the view was a gift from god! When it was time to go, I was like a child throwing a tantrum! Michael had to drag me back to the boat before it left. I did not want to leave. Luckly we negotiated another weekend vacation just to St. Maatreen at a resort!
PS- Mom you would love this place and the Disney Cruise line stops here!
 To the right of me was the resorts that I spotted!
 Happy Amanda and the fun ship behind me!
Last night of amazing food! I didn't want to leave but all good things have to come to an end!

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