Sunday, November 21, 2010

2nd week of November

The second week in November which I had blogged a little bit about was a very difficult one for me. I got into a car accident which I don't' have pictures of my car but just think of a car with a squished trunk. I knew as soon as I got hit that I was okay but I was in shock and I have never been in an accident before so this was all new to me. My back ached once I calmed myself down but a half hour after it happened is when the pain really set in. I am very blessed that I am okay and that it just hurt. I  took off Monday and Tuesday and when I came back to work I got some really horrible news. My co-teacher Ms. Candie has a tumor in her brain. She had been acting a little off but she thought it was just because she was getting older. She is an amazing women, mother and although she does not say she is a teacher she is!  I please ask you to pray for her. She is having surgery on Monday November 22nd and she needs as many prayers she can get. She has many people that love her and a classroom full of children that need her love and attention! Her son is still in High School. She has a lot of life left to live! She is ready for the Lord to do his work.
O Lord Almighty, the Healer of our souls and bodies, You Who put down and raise up, Who chastise and heal also; do You now, in Your great mercy, visit our sister Candie, who is sick. Stretch forth Your hand that is full of healing and health, and get her up from her bed, and cure her of her illness. Put away from her the spirit of disease and of every malady, pain and fever to which he (she) is bound; and if he (she) has sins and transgressions, grant to her remission and forgiveness, in that You love mankind; yea, Lord my God, pity Your creation, through the compassions of Your Only-Begotten Son, together with Your All-Holy, Good and Life-creating Spirit, with Whom You are blessed, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

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