Sunday, November 21, 2010

Angels and Awesomeness

So on Thursday I put up our second annual Angel Giving Tree at school! The children did a great job making angels as decorations with sparkles and everything! I had lots of helpers to make this all happen!

On Friday with the staff and parents help I took my class to Ms. Candie's house to sing her Happy Birthday. She is not aloud to work anymore and she is not aloud to do much so we brought the party to her! I got all the children and adults rock star glasses and the children made her a banner the size of the bus. We loaded everyone on the bus and stopped near by to hang our sign. We backed into her drive way and with horns and in our loud voices  we got Ms. Candie to come out so we could sing Happy Birthday to her! It took everything I had not to cry so the children would not react but it was so much fun!
 Ms. Amanda and all her craziness! You have to be if your going to do my job everyday!
 Mega phone Heaven! I was loud and it was awesome! New teaching tool?
 Stopping to put on her sign! All of the children were so excited!
Please pray for Ms. Candie as they will be removing her tumor on Monday!

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