Thursday, December 16, 2010

15,14,13,12,11... days until Christmas

So, I have been super busy and super slacking on my 25 days of Christmas blog! Between finishing up grad school and preparing for the holidays at school and then preparing for Christmas itself... there has been no time! On Monday I received my new phone. The Droid X. Now ladies and gentleman... I have taken baby steps in the world of technology. While everyone was face booking many years ago... I was not. While everyone was texting... I was not.  So, I am now on facebook and have started this blog recently and can text a little. I felt the need to take a big step and upgrade my phone (which was free). I figured that if I did not make the step now while M and I are renewing our plan that I would be lost in time and technology would change so much in two years that I would be really really really behind. So as I go down memory lane from the brick that I had as my first phone to the silver razor turned purple with a cover. Then a Motorola W755 cellie which came purple and was a major deciding factor in purchasing the phone. 

The new phone can do everything and anything that you could do on a computer. I am getting use to it and find it very easy to just go to Google and ask a question and find an answer in a language I understand! 
I present to you the Droid X...
 Now this is a black phone and it is dull and boring to me so ... Just like the sparkle in my eye I had to indulge and keep with tradition and order a bedazzled, sparkly, fabulous purple cover!

Motorola Droid X Snap-On Diamond Phone Case - Purple / Black Leopard

It's fun and it sparkles and I LOVE IT ! It was like getting a Christmas present a week early! I was more excited about this cover then the actual phone! Now my new dilemma is that my Vera Bradley bags held my old phone nicely. This phone is too big so I think it is time for some new Vera!


  1. Good luck with the phone. I'm proud of all of your technology use!