Saturday, December 11, 2010

19 days until christmas: Christmas catch up craziness!

Well, as always life gets super busy this time of year, I have not kept up with my blog! BAD Amanda! It is time to catch up! I feel a sigh of relief this Saturday Morning. My smashed up car that has been in the shop for a MONTH is back in my possession. All of my progress reports have gone out and I have one set of my classrooms parent teacher conferences completed. I completed my case study for my grad class even thought I have a wonderful cold and my nose was running off my face! I have decided that even though it might take super long. I still would like to continue my grad courses but I will be taking them in the summer for one summer session and a few at a time. I can not juggle everything else in life and classes. It just isn't working out.

On that note on the 19th days before Christmas what I am loving is... my Puffs Plus with lotion in my pretty purple box! We go everywhere together!
Me and My Puffs

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