Saturday, December 4, 2010

22 days until Christmas : Angels we have heard on high

Well me and my little ones were on the front page of the local paper!
We did not know that they were coming and we had had bad weather all week so a lot of kids were not pictured which makes me sad and of course parents complained! But they are all my little angels! The are what I get up in the morning for!  They are why I spend so much money and why I make sure we have a lot of fun learning!
We have spent over a month practicing for the big event last night. We sang and signed Jingle Bells to the whole community. It was snowing, it was cold and it was dark! I think the kids had a great time but the adults were on edge. This was another experience and example that I can not control everything and I just had to take a deep breath and go with the flow! We all live and we learn!  I could NOT have done it with out all of the staff members that came out to help me! It is amazing what some people do! It makes me so happy!
Happy Holiday... its all about the kids!

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