Friday, December 24, 2010

4 days until Christmas: spoiled!

Today (Tuesday December 21st) was a busy fun and exciting emotional day! In the morning I opened up my presents from Ms. Trisha! We have a "mild" obsession for the Twilight Saga! Team Edward all the way!
 As you can note all of the essentials as a Pre-K teacher, fun socks, life savers, Vera Bradley to keep my drinks cold and masking tape... I wrote my name on the inside immediately! It always seems to walk away from my room! The best present was my Eclipse Calender! Only 11 more months until Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out!

My class sang and signed Christmas songs for the Rotary Club at the local Country Club and then off to make a special Christmas surprise trip to see Ms. Candie!
 All of the kids made Christmas Cards and brought gifts! She was in heaven! We miss her so much but we know she is still recovering and she looks so good for just having brain surgery! 

Tuesday Evening we opened up some more presents and this one was not on my list!
When M and I went to St. Marteen in the fall we found a store that makes clothing out of Bamboo. I didn't get anything but I loved the Eco-friendly hypo-allergic feel to them! When I came home I could not find a website for anything like it. Well M did and bought me a pair of lavender bamboo pajamas! It was an awesome gift that I LOVE! M didn't even have to wrap it. It came pre-wrapped in this beautiful  Eco-friendly box! Thanks M! Love ya!

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