Sunday, December 19, 2010

9 days until Christmas : crafts at school

On Friday we made lots of cute crafty Christmas presents for our parents. We made snowflake ornaments and pine cone ornaments and then Ms. Nikki made recyclable paper (more on that in a few days)!
 I had to twist the sparkly pipe cleaners because it was hard even for me.
Then he children added beads and we bent the ends so they would not come off and added a hook. 
The pine cones were super easy and a little messy but fun. I tied the red string on ahead of time and the children painted on the glue and glitter mixture. They did a just silver sparkly coat in the morning and then a multi-color coat in the afternoon! 
 This is right after the first coat was applied. I will have to post final pictures on Monday!
The children had a great time on this crafty Christmas friday!
*** Special Note all of theses pictures were taken with my new phone.

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