Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The catch up...

I have been wanting to blog all week / weekend but I just did not have the time or energy! I have been busy working on some organizational projects again and sorting through my scrap booking supplies!
So, here is my catch up blog.

I have been doing some fun things lately. My biggest obsession is the game Settlers of Catan! I love it and my friends have got me addicted to it! I do not even care if I win anymore I just like playing the game! It's fun to collect and buy sheep or brick and wood to build roads and make settlements! I am still new at the game but I think it is pretty neat!
 We played the expansion game at Avenue 209 (local coffee shop)

The next fun thing that I have done lately was play Michael Jackson's experience on the Wii. I did that last night with my friends Lisa and Beck! It was so much fun! I was belting out Heal the World and doing the dance moves to it! I am 100% sure we all looked ridiculous but it was a great time! A bonus was that I slept through the night without waking up (this was a first in a week and a half).

Today was so much fun. This is Penguin week and I took a great idea off of Babbling Abby's Blog. We painted penguins. Now unlike Abby my students are Pre-K age and her's are first graders but I think they did a great job too! Thank you so much Abby for the cute idea! We had a great time following directions and painting our funny looking penguins!
 Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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