Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Testing Tuesday!

Today I went to get Allergy testing for the 3rd time in my life! Since I was taking the day off of work I decided to be productive and make my experience educational! Now some of you might be thinking what is she talking about? I took pictures through out my journey to make an "Experience Book aka "Going to the Doctors". Tonight I will be putting my book together so tomorrow I can read it to my classroom and explain to them what I was doing while I was absent from class. For young children you need to have pictures with your words. I am so excited because I get to be both the Illustrator and the Author of my book!
(and the main character) 
Here our two pictures that explain the difficult part of my day
  42 pricks and then 39 needle injections!
Here is Ms. Amanda and her brave face!
This was just one half of my arm. 
I had the lower half covered for the pricks on both arms then the injections on the upper half of both arms!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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