Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twinkle, Shine, Glow , Grow!

Today I spent my day at the Penn Stater in State College at the Early  Years Are Learning Years Conference! This year the theme was called:
Twinkle, Shine, Glow, Grow- A Day Celebrating Our Children and Our Natural World
This was my 3rd year at the conference and as always I LOVED IT! 
The Keynote Speaker was Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld.
She has been working in the Early Childhood field for 55 years!
She is an author, eductor and the"Queen of Fun" 
I had so much fun singing and dancing with her. I even got on stage in front of 300 educators and sang/danced the Tooty Ta song! I have it on video but I need to learn how to add it on my blog.As soon as she walked on stage all of my co-workers said that this will be me in 50 years! I said I would be wearing purple and I need a tambourine with streamers on it. (She just had a plain tambourine)
 Mimi aka Queen of Fun!
After her Keynote speech / rant /song/awesomeness for being such a great motivator I had another two hours with her to sing and dance and be silly! I LOVED IT!
Then it was lunch...
People go to this conference for two reasons. 
1. You love your job and you love learning how to be a better teacher
2. You go for the food! 

I go for both reasons 1 and 2 !
 Me at lunch so stuffed and so happy to be there! I love being a teacher and learning new ways to be a even better teacher! LOVE IT!
Me and Trisha at lunch... poor thing had to hear me the whole way to the conferences blab on and on about how I was so excited to go to the conference!
After the conference we went shopping... that is another blog for another day!
Happy Saturday Everyone!

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