Monday, February 14, 2011

The day of Love in the month of Love!

Today is the day that everyone expresses how they love the ones close to them.
I had 25 little ones who were my valentine's today! They are all unique and special in my heart not just today but everyday! They make me smile and laugh and sometimes cry! 
We made love muffins today as our special treat! I put their names on the bottom of  heart decorated cupcake holders and they got to choose if they wanted blueberry or strawberry love muffins! 

It was a crazy love kind of a day! 

8 years ago today my husband and I shared our first Valentine's Day together.
It is the day that started the beginning of our love story! 
Today I got a package with lots of love on it!

I had no idea what was in this Valentine's Day surprise!

It is a book about the history of the twilight saga! I had looked at it back in December and he remembered it! I am super excited! I am even more excited because I have a book to read on our vacation that we will be taking to beautiful warm places! I have got to say I have an amazing husband! 
I love you M! 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 
This was a pretty good start to the week of LOVE!

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