Friday, February 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Oh how I could not wait until it was Friday! This week was a fun crazy week full of unfortunately lots of sick kiddos and teachers! I spent most of the week fighting off what everyone was getting. I was tired but no other signs of illness-thank goodness! I also cleaned a lot! My whole classroom got a good scrub down!  Even though it was a full moon and the kiddos were 12 kinds of crazy! I was so happy that it was warm and partly cloudy and I did NOT have to wear pants or socks or stuffy shoes! I felt so free today! 
See cute outfit below!
When I came home it read 68 degrees on the tempature gaget we have in the living room! I walked around outside, swept the side walk and then saw this...
Evidence  Photo# 1

Evidence Photo# 2

Evidence Photo # 3
After the shock of seeing my tulips budding in FEBRUARY! I had a little chat with them! Yes I told them to go back in the ground and stay there! It will snow again and then what!?!  I feel like every year they pop up earlier and earlier! There was a huge pile of snow next to them that still had not melted! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I know mother nature does it's thing and I want spring to come but I want pretty flowers not dead ones!
Happy Warm Friday Everyone!
All you need is LOVE!

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