Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mr. M and his amazingness!

My Mr. M has been  extra amazing these past few days. I have had a fever for 4 days now. He has cooked me dinner, done the dishes and took care of me! He dug my car out of the snow, has been dealing with vacations plans and working all at the same time! My afternoon nap which lasts from noon until about 6pm has been followed by dinner already made and waiting for me! 
So, yummy and healthy! Turkey of course! 
Tonight he made me sir fry... delicious!
He also had a surprise! Back in November I DVR the Victoria Secret Fashion Show because Katy Perry was performing and it didn't turn out well. He found a good copy of it.  I LOVE this man! 

This was Katy's first performance of the night in the VS show! I want her outfit! It's my color and style! 

Thanks M for being the bestest husband ever!
He even remember that today was the day 8 years ago that we went to church and prayed and decided to make the biggest decision of our lives... date!
Please say a prayer for me for tomorrow. I am going to work for the 100th day of school. It's only for 5 hours but I have been only making it about 2 hours so far this week. I just need to get through the morning and then I can go home!
TGI almost Friday

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