Friday, February 18, 2011

Priti NYC - Priti in Pink Princess Nail Polish!

I received my Priti NYC Nail Polish this week. I have some pros and some cons to share with you! My initial reaction was that this company isn't very eco-friendly in the packaging process. The box was small but it was packed with paper and some bubble wrap.

 The box that the nail polish came in was cute and looked eco-friendly but it had tissue paper in it.
I proceeded to open up a bottle and try it on and it stinks just like regular nail polish.
It says it is Toulene, Formaldehyde, and DBP Free but I am not sure what other chemicals are in the polish.
My next step was of course to try all 4 on and see how it wears! 
 This was with just one coat. (super sloppy polish job but I was too excited to care!)
It dried quick! From left to right is... 
Fairy Dust,Wiked Stepmother's, Rosy Glow and Rock star! 
I love Rock Star it is similar to a color I wore before! I also liked Wiked Stepmother and with just one coat I did not see very much sparkle with Rosy Glow. I think if I were to wear it there would have to be more coats involved to see a pinkish color.
That night I took a shower and there was no chipping or dis-colorization! 
I went swimming the next day and still no chipping or dis-colorization! 
I wore flip flops and crocs that rub and still no chipping or dis-colorization!
On a scale of 1-10 I would give it this polish a 6 based on what I currently know. I do not like the smell and I am nervous about what chemicals are still in the bottle. It wears well and I like that the bottle is made from recyclable materials.

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