Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Last day of March

On this very last day of March 2011. I have to mention that I can NOT believe that march is OVER! It was a super busy month (not a lot of blogging to be had).
Today's High was around 38 degrees. Those meteorologists had foretasted snow for the next 2 days and my potted tulips were NOT going to make it though this cold weather so I brought them indoors and just within 24 hours they have perked back up and I think that they are going to live and hopefully produce a flower!

24 more days left of lent and Easter will be here! 
My kiddos are 12 kinds of CRAZY! It think they might have just as much spring fever as I do. 
There are 64 more days left of school. I will then be starting Dinosaur Camp! 
Bring on April and warmer weather please and thank you!
OH tomorrow night is our 3rd Annual Arts and Academics Performance. 
I will let you know how that goes tomorrow! We have been working on it since January!!!
30 kiddos and about 100+ parents and family watching.
Happy Thursday!

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