Sunday, March 20, 2011


So on vacation I missed Ash Wednesday for the first time in my life but did remember to not eat meat on Wednesday and Friday. This year I decided to create a Lenten Plan. Every year since I could remember I gave up something that I really loved. Nintendo, ice cream, chocolate. This year as I look back on how Jesus gave up everything for us and the images of the Passion of the Christ flash through my head. I think there has to be more to lent then giving up just one "sin" So this year I decided to do a number of things. First I would start with my traditional basic of giving up eating ice cream during the next 40 days along with having Wednesday nights with no electronics (tv, computer). I then decided to walk to work. This would give me time to think and reflect on life and the season. The third part of my plan was to attend the praying of the stations of the cross on Fridays. It is a good start to the Lent season. I hope to add on for next year.

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  1. Very inspirational Aunt Amanda!