Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Vacation!

I had the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken! M and I along with two of our coolest friends ever went on another Cruise! This time it was through NCL freestyle cruising and what I would call relaxation cruising. I did not worry about anything, I didn't' worry about home or work or taking pictures or blogging or anything! It was glorious! We left out of the Big Apple and made our way to Port Canaveral, then NCL's private island and finally to NASSAU.
 And we are off...
And we are at port... Can you see the excitement in my face!

Of course the first thing you do on any cruise is EAT!

Then we explored the ship until our room was ready!
 Relaxing before we leave port! 60 degrees in NY! LOVE IT!
 My imitation of the spring breakers!

While in  port caniveral... the friends went on air boats to see alligators 

my M went to NASA
and I sat and read in the sun on the boat! It was wonderful. It was also even more wonderful when I found out that school was closed at home because they got 9 inches of snow.

He He He... I felt sad for them for about a minute and then I wasn't so much. 

On our second port of call we went to the  NCL private Island

Our boat from the island... its so pretty and so is the water and the sky!

The last port of call was at NASSAU Bahamas we all went to Atlantis. It was our second time there and it was still just as amazing as the first time. 
 I had my princess moment!
 Down the grand stairs (I am spoiled rotten)
Theses stairs remind me of when Cinderella gets out of her locked room and says "your prince your prince I have not tried on the shoe"
 Me and the boys... they are so amazing and so is the photographer!
  This was my last moment of bliss. I soaked up every last little ray of sunshine I could and I did feel very relaxed.

It was an amazing week of relaxation. If I wanted to read. I read. If I wanted to eat. I ate. and if I wanted to sleep. I slept! I want to thank Lisa for being our photographer for the trip.

I also want to thank M for being so relaxed and understanding. and George for being well George! Good times my friends good times!

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