Friday, April 29, 2011

The Storm!

Tuesday Night at around 6pm the storm rolled in. The Severe Weather banner went across the TV but who really listens to them? The rain started pouring the wind picked up and in a matter of seconds M and I were at the window watching as hail started pouring down in huge chunks. Then debris started flying by and then I started screaming to get away from the windows as I backed up and M told me to get into the bathroom. Within a minute or so everything calmed down and the madness began!
This is what I saw... 
 The tree and water that came along with it!
The white stuff is HAIL! 

The ice and water in 80 degree weather!
We had flooding in the living room and on the window sills! 
More story and pictures to come.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tulips before and after

All of my 30 + tulips were not fully bloom. But here is the pictures I do have!

Well, I no longer have to worry about my tulips being picked or having anyone enjoy them because well...
God can create beautiful things and then take them away instantly! This picture was after the hail had melted off of them the next morning. We had severe weather with winds up to 70 miles per hour. It was intense!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter this year was a little crazy. M was sick and stayed home and I went and picked my my brother at college. My sister was away so it was not the same. It was wonderful as always to be at home and with the family but M wasn't their and I was a little sad. The Easter bunny did come and brought me oranges and homemade pretzels! Here are some food photos! 
 M and I got my parents a fruit arrangement! It looks so yummy!
 Deviled Eggs are so delicious!
 Of course what is Easter with out the Honey Baked Ham!
Lastly, I gave up ice cream as well for lent and there was a delicious Carvel ice cream cake!


On April 19th I took photos of my tulip buds. Theses were the only two blooming yet. On Thursday a girl tried to pick them and got yelled at by M! Why can't people keep their hands off of things that do not belong to them. I teach my students this ALL the time! Anyway, I have that tulip in a vase on the table. I just want everyone to be able to enjoy them! I hope that they bloom this week! There is a lot more then last year about 32 I counted! I'm excited! There is a lot of pink and yellow! (my purple ones have not made it)

Signs of spring... I just wish the sun would shine!

Walking to work... part of lent

For lent I decided that I would try to walk to work everyday. However with this horrible weather we have had it was below freezing or snowing or raining on most days but on the days I did get to walk the mornings were so peaceful and I had some breath taking views.

Some mornings were just yucky!

Then there were ones that were just beautiful!
 The fog was really cool!
My little ducky friend.

Oh how I have missed you sun!

Painting my room

A few weekends back I helped paint my childhood bedroom lilac! I do not have completed photos but will in a few weeks! I know I have been slacking big time in the blogging world. I was super busy with work and then lent season.
The before picture. Plain white dull boring!
 The TEST patch on the wall in the day light!
 It is a light shade and it looks lovely!
This is what it look like the morning before I left.
I will post completed pictures in a few weeks. It's super pretty!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Egg-cellent Treat

I found this idea and I can not remember where but I add my own little twist to it. I love this time of year with all of the pastel colors and spring ideas and Easter on its way. I wanted to add my own little Spring Cheer into the classroom so I decided to fill Easter Eggs with each childs name in one egg.
I put all my eggs in a basket that our now sitting on my desk at school. 
Then right after math and before lunch I choose two eggs from the basket. Those two children (if present) get some treats out of the Easter Bag.

Now my teacher friends, there is nothing educational about this activity. It is just something fun to do.
I started this yesterday. I did however explain to the children that everyone will be called before Easter and that only two people get a chance in one day. I also said that if they fuss that their name did not get picked then I will take their name out. I know I am so mean! Children need to learn learn that you do not get everything you want when you want it. Self- control!
Well I hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Saturday in Spring

On this 2nd day of April I finally got the chance to set up my Easter table! 
First I ironed my cream/ khaki colored table cloth I got last year at Target.
Then I added some white tulips (they are so pretty) I LOVE TULIPS!
( sorry the photo won't flip)
I added my Peter Rabbit place mats from Pottery Barn!

This is how it looks all together!
I then got out my Easter baskets and my nieces made me cute little animals a few years ago.
I added them too because they are so darn cute! 

Little Eco-green tip. Put your Easter grass in a ziplock bag and use it over and over again. 
I have had mine for 6 years now! It looks like I just bought it!

Now all we need is some spring weather and lots of sunshine! 

Pre-K Performance

Last night was the third annual Arts and Academics performance that I put on with my students. We start preparing for the performance in January and this year I had two classrooms so I had my first performance last night and the second this coming Friday. The children did a GREAT job! One of the grandmother's scrapbooks with me and took some snapshots as I was talking before the performance.

I am so proud of my students! 
By the Way... It was not warm enough to wear this outfit outside. However, I get very warm during theses events because I am running around like a CRAZY lady! Next friday I will get a snap shot of the CRAZY hat I wear to keep the nervous kiddos calm. It's good stuff!

Sweater was from Gap(last spring) and Dress was from Old Navy Shoes I have had so long I could not tell you where they are from.