Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter this year was a little crazy. M was sick and stayed home and I went and picked my my brother at college. My sister was away so it was not the same. It was wonderful as always to be at home and with the family but M wasn't their and I was a little sad. The Easter bunny did come and brought me oranges and homemade pretzels! Here are some food photos! 
 M and I got my parents a fruit arrangement! It looks so yummy!
 Deviled Eggs are so delicious!
 Of course what is Easter with out the Honey Baked Ham!
Lastly, I gave up ice cream as well for lent and there was a delicious Carvel ice cream cake!

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  1. Oh my gosh Amanda!!! Your mom loves you sooo much!!! Nice cake!!! And those eggs look so yummy!! By the way, its Aunt Donna.. don't know how to do this without my smart Sheanah!!