Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pre-K Performance

Last night was the third annual Arts and Academics performance that I put on with my students. We start preparing for the performance in January and this year I had two classrooms so I had my first performance last night and the second this coming Friday. The children did a GREAT job! One of the grandmother's scrapbooks with me and took some snapshots as I was talking before the performance.

I am so proud of my students! 
By the Way... It was not warm enough to wear this outfit outside. However, I get very warm during theses events because I am running around like a CRAZY lady! Next friday I will get a snap shot of the CRAZY hat I wear to keep the nervous kiddos calm. It's good stuff!

Sweater was from Gap(last spring) and Dress was from Old Navy Shoes I have had so long I could not tell you where they are from.

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