Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

This year there was no huge twlight birthday party! 

I was busy with other things to plan a huge party.
However, the staff and the students did not forget!
 My classroom, the hallway!

 Decked out in princess gear and ofcourse my favorite gift! A VERA BRADLEY PURSE from Mrs. Trisha!
 It was beautiful in all of it's purple princess colors!
 It would have not been such a fabulous royal affair with out these two goof balls Trisha and Candie.
The brownies were very delicious!
At the end of my special day I had friends come over for cake and ice cream cake! 
Mrs. Stephanie gave me this fabulous hat which I will be wearing this summer!

Trees down

Theses trees had to get cut down near my house! It is sad but I hope that new ones will grow soon!

Growing some strawberries!

Since I have been so sad about my plants. I decided to grow some strawberries this spring
 . For 5 dollars from wal-mart you can grow about anything!
 The contents of my box...
The expandable soil was totally awesome! I have never seen a small block of dirt expand 4 times it's size. 
Pictures of my little sprouts to follow!


May has been very cold, rainy, a day or two of sun and full of pollen! However, things at the end of the month have turned around and it is super hot! No spring for us here in the North East!
 The only two days of sun in the beginning of the month.
 Then the pollen! It is ugly! My car is normally red not orange!

Painting the living room

I have been spending every other weekend at my parents house helping paint. 
The first weekend in May we did the living room!
 Before painting with just the tape on.
 Half way through.

This is the finished product. The crowded furniture was present because another room was being painted! I love the light blue and trim.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My own happiness

Something that made me smile and want to move.
I spent a few days helping out a friend with her yearly dance concert. We both had the time of our lives and it made me feel so good inside. I came home happy and tired and refreshed all at the same time.
Here is a video that also made me feel the same way!
We now will be taking class once a week just because it feels good and we miss it!