Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

This year there was no huge twlight birthday party! 

I was busy with other things to plan a huge party.
However, the staff and the students did not forget!
 My classroom, the hallway!

 Decked out in princess gear and ofcourse my favorite gift! A VERA BRADLEY PURSE from Mrs. Trisha!
 It was beautiful in all of it's purple princess colors!
 It would have not been such a fabulous royal affair with out these two goof balls Trisha and Candie.
The brownies were very delicious!
At the end of my special day I had friends come over for cake and ice cream cake! 
Mrs. Stephanie gave me this fabulous hat which I will be wearing this summer!


  1. Found you over at Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. I'm so impressed with your love of being a teacher to all those small kids. The world needs more people like you, wish I had that much patience. :)

  2. Thank you Jessica! I love what I do and I would not be doing anything else in the world! I love Beyond Our Wildest Dreams crafty ideas she has for her kiddos it gets me thinking of what I can do. I love reusing others ideas!