Thursday, June 30, 2011


I had the privilege to help out on the Extreme Home Makeover Team. It was only for one evening but I had a great time helping out and having fun doing it!

Watch dreams come true on ABC September 25th 2011 at 8 or 9pm

Strawberry pops Tip

Quick tip! If you want to make the strawberry popsicles for your class or during the winter time and you don't want to pay a fortune for strawberrries. Go to your local freezer section in the grocery store and by frozen strawberries.I do thaw mine a bit and then blend... it makes it a bit easier.
For fun decoration use themed cups like my Cars Dixie cups! The kids LOVED their popsicles and they were HEALTHY!

Fun Fruit that is healthy and yummy to eat!

When I go home to visit my mother she always finds yummy healthy yummy did I mention YUMMY things to make and eat! The first Yummy recipe I tried was real Strawberry Popsicles!
This can serve 4. I only made 3 servings out of the mixture.  
I took 2 cups of fresh strawberries, washed and cut. Added one Table spoon of Organic Sugar and one Tea spoon of fresh lemon juice...
 Mixed it in a blender for about a minute...

 Poured into 3oz dixie cups and added a Popsicle stick
 They froze in about an hour or less and are so so delicious! I also just peel away the cup to get to the popsicle! You can also use popsicle trays normally I find them at the dollar store!

Next is a yummy favorite of mine... Chocolate covered bananas! I love anything dipped in chocolate!
 I used dark chocolate and organic banana's. I am not a fan of dark chocolate normally but once you melt it. It does not taste the same. I really like it and it's good for you (as far as chocolate goes).

 I melt my chocolate in the microwave for no longer then 35 seconds and dip and pour it onto the banana that I have already placed a popsicle stick into. For a little more healthy banana I add nuts. I used walnuts on the banana below.
Once dipped I just place my fruit onto a piece of wax paper and fold it up and stick it in the freezer! They are great on hot days when you want a sweet treat!
It is super easy and so good!

Dinosaur Camp Continued- What are my camps based off of

Silly me, I forgot to tell you that I base my camps every summer off of a fantastic author named Jerry Pallotta! He writes Alphabet books based on many different things. I have done Bugs, Ocean Animals and now Dinosaurs. I don't know him but I love his books and this isn't some plug for him but the kids and I LOVE his books! Did I mention we LOVE his books!

 Each week we study two to three different dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Camp Continued!- The Egg

First thing is first my husband is awesome and here is why...
I had this crazy idea to create a dinosaur egg from another blog
I said I can do this and told my husband and so WE talked about creating this dinosaur egg. Well WE turned into HE while I was out with my friends seeing a movie! I really wish that I was there to watch the making of this dinosaur egg but here is how it went. M found a stuffed Dinosaur Rex from Toy Story to be exact! He put him in a balloon and then covered the balloon in newspaper covered in flour and water mixture (aka boiling hot gueww). He then added layers and a final layer of white paper then rolled the egg in sand and dirt from outside!
 I took this crazy cool egg to school and told the kids that I found it outside and I wondered what could be in it! Well they had many great guesses and also said that we had to make a nest for it! All on their own they gathered this straw hat from dramatic play and ripped up paper to had "softness" to the "nest". Here it now rests!

 We then talked about what we might know about Dinosaurs and here is what we came up with...

Let Dinosaur Camp Begin!

After a week of reviwing our manners it was time to begin Dinosaur Camp!
On the Friday before Dinosaur Camp was suppose to begin I hung up a special guest...
 It took the children over two hours to notice that this special guest was hanging on the wall! Once one saw it she began to tell everyone else. I LOVED watching them chatter about this new discovery! What is it? How did it get there? It looks strange? Finally they brought it to my attention! I said I didn't know how it got there! They asked me to take the black bag off of it. I got a chair and slowly took it off acting very nervous and unsure what I might find under this bag!
 The kids screamed and then stared! They didn't know what to think! The questions started one after the other and I loved watching their minds start to wonder and ponder and guess what this DINOSAUR was doing in OUR classroom! How did it get there? Where was the rest of it's body! For the next 15 miniutes we walked around the building trying to figure out how it got in and where the rest of it's body was! No clues were around expect the boys found a crack in the wall in the boys bathroom and declared that is how it got into the wall and its body was stuck inside of it!
I love the minds of children! Dinosaur Camp here we go!

Graduation Celebration X 2

I put together two Pre-Kindergarten Graduations and they both went so well!I am so proud of theses children! They are what I woke up for in the morning and what make me work hard for in the evenings(writing lessons plans that is and preparing for the next day)! 
Here are some photos that were posted by parents...
 The larger graduating class had 22 graduates!
 Mrs. Candie, Myself in the black Graduation Gown, and Mrs. Trisha
 Naomie and Mrs. Amanda
Students receiving their diploma

Beginning of June recap

So, it is the last day of June... have I blogged once this month? NO! It was a very very busy month!
The recapof the month of June in a few posts...
I first start off with our 1st trip of the summer season to Knobels!(although it was not officially summer yet) Here is a pictures from a really fun place to ride rides and EAT!
Some friends having fun at Knobels!

My birthday lilies from last year are just about to bloom on June 9th 2011. 
Two days later...
One flower has blossomed on June 11th 2011!
 One June 20th they are all almost completely opened! So pretty!
I am in love with flowers when they are outside my home!