Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun Fruit that is healthy and yummy to eat!

When I go home to visit my mother she always finds yummy healthy yummy did I mention YUMMY things to make and eat! The first Yummy recipe I tried was real Strawberry Popsicles!
This can serve 4. I only made 3 servings out of the mixture.  
I took 2 cups of fresh strawberries, washed and cut. Added one Table spoon of Organic Sugar and one Tea spoon of fresh lemon juice...
 Mixed it in a blender for about a minute...

 Poured into 3oz dixie cups and added a Popsicle stick
 They froze in about an hour or less and are so so delicious! I also just peel away the cup to get to the popsicle! You can also use popsicle trays normally I find them at the dollar store!

Next is a yummy favorite of mine... Chocolate covered bananas! I love anything dipped in chocolate!
 I used dark chocolate and organic banana's. I am not a fan of dark chocolate normally but once you melt it. It does not taste the same. I really like it and it's good for you (as far as chocolate goes).

 I melt my chocolate in the microwave for no longer then 35 seconds and dip and pour it onto the banana that I have already placed a popsicle stick into. For a little more healthy banana I add nuts. I used walnuts on the banana below.
Once dipped I just place my fruit onto a piece of wax paper and fold it up and stick it in the freezer! They are great on hot days when you want a sweet treat!
It is super easy and so good!

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