Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let Dinosaur Camp Begin!

After a week of reviwing our manners it was time to begin Dinosaur Camp!
On the Friday before Dinosaur Camp was suppose to begin I hung up a special guest...
 It took the children over two hours to notice that this special guest was hanging on the wall! Once one saw it she began to tell everyone else. I LOVED watching them chatter about this new discovery! What is it? How did it get there? It looks strange? Finally they brought it to my attention! I said I didn't know how it got there! They asked me to take the black bag off of it. I got a chair and slowly took it off acting very nervous and unsure what I might find under this bag!
 The kids screamed and then stared! They didn't know what to think! The questions started one after the other and I loved watching their minds start to wonder and ponder and guess what this DINOSAUR was doing in OUR classroom! How did it get there? Where was the rest of it's body! For the next 15 miniutes we walked around the building trying to figure out how it got in and where the rest of it's body was! No clues were around expect the boys found a crack in the wall in the boys bathroom and declared that is how it got into the wall and its body was stuck inside of it!
I love the minds of children! Dinosaur Camp here we go!

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