Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Last Day (tears)

So yesterday morning, Friday July 29th. I woke up for the last time at 5:30am. Got my breakfast, shower and lunch made. I put on a sunny yellow dress in hopes that my last day with my favorite 4 and 5's and some 6 year olds would remember me as bright and happy. I told myself I would NOT cry today and I hoped in the car and popped in my new Colbie Caillat CD and hit number 1 Brighter Than The Sun! I am be bopping down the road and get to a stop sign. It hit me! This was my LAST drive to school. My last early morning! The tears could not come out faster. I did compose myself before getting out of the car and had a pretty regular morning set out for the day. I got flowers from Chase.
 DQ dilly bars for the whole class and Mrs. Amanda- from Gavin's parents. 
 A very special gift from Ms. Candie

(any body know why my pictures keep flipping when they don't look like this in my file?)
 I kept the kiddos on a routine and then around 10am. 
Emma brought in this ...
I go ga ga over school supplies! Both parents and staff collected money and school supplies for ME! I was so happy and touched that they all did this for me and with out me even knowing! Crazy! A dozen post it notes, makers, sharpies, tic tacs, colored paper clips, sticky dots, pencils, CHOCOLATE, candie jar, organizers! It is a teachers heaven for a file box like this! Thank you to ALL the teachers, staff, and parents who put this together for me. It is PERFECT!

About ten minutes later I had a visitor. One of the parents MADE a scrapbook of all the Big events that happened through out the school year! The tears were flowing!
I feel so blessed to have amazing children, parents and staff!
Thank you so much! All of you! I LOVE YOU LOTS and will visit often!
Ms. Amanda

My very own "staff meeting"

Last week I got a note in my mail box that read: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! You are Cordially Invited To a Staff Meeting! This Royal Event will take Place Within the Castle of the YMCA on Tuesday The 26th Day of July in the Year 2011@ 5:30pm.
Topics of Discussion:Upcoming Events & Meetings, Food Program Updates, Transfer of Responsibilities, Staff Folders, Adopt A Solider Program, Fund Raisers and A few Other Odds N Ends.
Please Let Beth or Emma Know if You Are Unable To Attend.

This is what I walked into. If you are a teacher you know teachers like to eat food and at staff meetings we tend to have food. Just not this much and this kind of really good food! 
All of my favorites!
 All I heard all day long was how we have to go to a staff meeting and how long it will be. They are good actors! My husband was also in on it! He knew not to make dinner because I would be eating at the "staff meeting".
 My cake was made by Miss Nikki's mom. The twilight book was an awesome touch!

 How could they forget the princess paper products!

Well, we needless to say did not cover any of those topics. 
I have a very thoughtful staff that I will miss. 
I wonder who will be the one who will sing and dance down the hallways when the kids aren't looking? Who will make silly faces in the window of the toddler rooms when the little ones are crying? 
Who will go into work when it has snowed and no one can get there? 
I don't know but I will miss my kiddos and all of the fun and learning we have shared in the past 3 years!

Classsroom Camp Fire Smores! - the camp fire

I finally took pictures of my oh so crafty camp fire! Some construction paper and tissue paper did the trick. Nothing Fancy!
 It is in a Halloween tub. No one seemed to notice because the flames were so memorizing!

 NO tape or glue or staples required just good placement!

The kiddos loved it. I loved it and it was smore much fun!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Classsroom Camp Fire Smores!

Today was a Terrific Tuesday! I made an awesome campfire. I didn't take a picture of just the campfire so I will have to add that tomorrow!

We made no -bake smores! I just took some good old honey teddy grams, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and the kids added them to a bowl.
 We mixed and wallah! Smores! 
We ate as we mixed and then made bags of smores to take home with us! So much fun!

Some of you may know this is my last week with my Pre-K students. Friday is my last day and I will be moving on to the big kid school! I am cramming in every last fun activity I wanted to do this summer into one week! I am going to miss theses little ones more then I think I know of right now. Happy Tuesday!

Strawberry yumminess!

Sunday I made myself some yummy strawberry mush as I call it. I just washed and mashed strawberries and added some organic sugar. I added it to my waffles in the morning and it is delicious! Yummy!

Sara's Bridal Shower

On Saturday I made the trip to my good friend Sara's Bridal shower! For each of my close friends I made a decorative towel cake! Sara is a diva and she had to have some glamor and glitz!

 The Beautiful Bride!
 They are oh so sweet! (Nice job to the bridesmaid who made theses fabulous creations!)

So Sweet! I am so happy for your Sara! I love you girl!

Pizza Night

Last tuesday was make your own pizza night! Oh boy was I excited and I loved the whole wheat dough!
 I gathered all the ingredients and M and I created our own!

Can you tell which one was mine? Smiles its a happy pizza!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good finds at Target

This weekend I did a lot of traveling in a short amount of time but had a good weekend and good weather! I went to my best friend Stacey's little boy Eli's 1st Birthday Party! He is getting SO big!

From there I was off to my parents and since it is so close to all of my favorite stores! I took a trip to Target and like most teachers found some great finds at the Dollar spot and also some light weight clothes for the upcoming school year. The first few weeks always seem to be very warm!
 I can't get my photo to flip! Grrr... anyway, I found a caddie for some odds and ends, name tags for my lower grades. A Dr. Seuss cup and pins to wear on my sweaters.
I am such a dork and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Oh and action cards. Like ants marching. "Okay boys and girls lets march like ants!"
I also found this cute top and capris.
They look funny on the floor but they looked really cute when I tried them on!
I hope you had a good weekend! 

Reptile Land: Reptile, Birds and Dinosaurs!

The last part of our day was to view the rest of the animals and the Dinosaurs!
 Hello Mr. Alligator !

 This strange, slow moving reptile was a favorite of Mrs. Candie and Mrs. Trisha.
I had to drag them away from the tank!
 Theses two silly birds are dinosaurs. I did learn something during our trip. 
Birds are direct relatives to dinosaurs! Who knew!

 Stegosaurus and Mrs. Amanda
I think we look alike!
The very big T-rex and some of my kiddos! 
I was thinking to myself while this picture was being taken how much I will miss theses little ones and the fun things I get to expose their minds too! It was a great trip with lots of sleeping children on the way home!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reptile Land:showtimes,lunch and butterflies

On Thursday July 14th I, along with 10 parents and 4 other staff members (Praise God &Thank him for all the help I had) took 23 3,4,5 and 6 year olds to Reptile Land! It was so much fun! The kids loved it the parents seemed to enjoy themselves and I just made sure we stayed on schedule and continuously counted 23 children. It was very enjoyable for me and I got to take photos! Lots of them!

 We started off our morning with a 30 miniute show about reptiles and dinosaurs. 
We saw snakes, alligators and turtles!
 I look. I don't touch!
 It was the turtles lunch time and ours! 
We had a Pizza Party with brownies and milk for our dessert! 
 Then it was off to the Butterfly house! I LOVED the butterfly house.

 The nice lady told us that if a butterfly touches you that means you will have good luck!
N had a butterfly land on her head and stay there for a few minutes!  So sweet!
 I was lucky enough to have this little guy land on my back pack and stay there for the whole time I was in the butterfly house. When it is time to leave we all had to check each other to make sure we don't take any with us on the way out!

 Mrs. Trisha had one land on her bottom! I heard lots of little giggles from my kids!

4th of July Weekend Part 3 (finally)

So, I would have had this up last week but my photos wouldn't load onto the computer. 
Don't you just love technology sometimes! 
Our last photographed adventure for the weekend was down the the pond.
 M wanted to take theses photos so that my mother would see me riding on a quad runner! 
Yes I operate them all by myself
It did take a few years for me to actually want to ride one by myself.

 The Pond... so beautiful with the trees as it's reflection.

 Some creepy crawlers... salamanders!

 Theses little frogs sound like they are ten times the size of what they really are!
I just look. I don't touch!