Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Weekend Part 1

Mr. M and I have a piece of land in Vermont which we go to relax and have fun on long weekends!
 The pictures were taken out of the front window of the car and the splatter bugs are the blurry spots! It gives the photos character! The welcome to Vermont Sign! I get excited when I see it!
 The cows in the fields by the barns

 As we continue to travel down the road you might see moose or bear that look a little weird!
Do you see the sliver moose?
 A Catholic Church that I always think is so beautiful!
 For some reason I am fascinated by Runaway truck ramps!
 I am unsure if it is the nervous feeling I get when I know that there might be a truck that can't stop and they have a safety net? I'm not sure but I like knowing they are there!

 Vermont Syrup! YUM! I wish my camera on my phone was fast enough to get the next few feet of road because you could see all the lines coming down from the mountain and trees to this tank! So cool!
 Breath taking view of the water and a small boat all by itself. The calming effect of this moment and the peace and stillness make me get goose bumps!
 This is where we get our ice cream every Saturday afternoon after our adventure to the flea market. The tent was set up for the holiday weekend for the yummy BBQ they would have the next day!
 The flea market
I finally took pictures of our piece of heaven on earth. 
Down this road is one of my favorite places to go in the whole world.
It is so welcoming and a place where I can let everyday life behind and just RELAX!

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