Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Classsroom Camp Fire Smores!

Today was a Terrific Tuesday! I made an awesome campfire. I didn't take a picture of just the campfire so I will have to add that tomorrow!

We made no -bake smores! I just took some good old honey teddy grams, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and the kids added them to a bowl.
 We mixed and wallah! Smores! 
We ate as we mixed and then made bags of smores to take home with us! So much fun!

Some of you may know this is my last week with my Pre-K students. Friday is my last day and I will be moving on to the big kid school! I am cramming in every last fun activity I wanted to do this summer into one week! I am going to miss theses little ones more then I think I know of right now. Happy Tuesday!

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