Monday, July 11, 2011

July 1st Dino Treats!

When planning out my summer of Dinosuars I had in mind making dinosaur treats out of dark chocolate! I found molds at A.C. Moore on sale!
 Here is my fancy chocolate melting pot that Mrs. Trisha gave to me one Christmas. 
I had small Popsicle sticks to add which I wrote the child's name on!
 Each child got to choose which dinosaur they wanted and watch me poor the chocolate in to the mold. They added the stick.
 I made them with Dark Chocolate and the kids loved them. It didn't taste like dark chocolate after melting.
It was a Dino-mite Dino Treat!

Funny note: The state food inspector was there checking up on us  they day I made theses and I laughed because I was making CHOCOLATE treats! Opps!

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