Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Last Day (tears)

So yesterday morning, Friday July 29th. I woke up for the last time at 5:30am. Got my breakfast, shower and lunch made. I put on a sunny yellow dress in hopes that my last day with my favorite 4 and 5's and some 6 year olds would remember me as bright and happy. I told myself I would NOT cry today and I hoped in the car and popped in my new Colbie Caillat CD and hit number 1 Brighter Than The Sun! I am be bopping down the road and get to a stop sign. It hit me! This was my LAST drive to school. My last early morning! The tears could not come out faster. I did compose myself before getting out of the car and had a pretty regular morning set out for the day. I got flowers from Chase.
 DQ dilly bars for the whole class and Mrs. Amanda- from Gavin's parents. 
 A very special gift from Ms. Candie

(any body know why my pictures keep flipping when they don't look like this in my file?)
 I kept the kiddos on a routine and then around 10am. 
Emma brought in this ...
I go ga ga over school supplies! Both parents and staff collected money and school supplies for ME! I was so happy and touched that they all did this for me and with out me even knowing! Crazy! A dozen post it notes, makers, sharpies, tic tacs, colored paper clips, sticky dots, pencils, CHOCOLATE, candie jar, organizers! It is a teachers heaven for a file box like this! Thank you to ALL the teachers, staff, and parents who put this together for me. It is PERFECT!

About ten minutes later I had a visitor. One of the parents MADE a scrapbook of all the Big events that happened through out the school year! The tears were flowing!
I feel so blessed to have amazing children, parents and staff!
Thank you so much! All of you! I LOVE YOU LOTS and will visit often!
Ms. Amanda

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