Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My little Paleontologist

My little Paleontologists... So on swim day (Thursday) of last week I set up some "stations". These were dinosaur stations that consisted of dinosaur bones covered in sand! Each child got to take their paint brush "tool" and very carefully try and "dig" for dinosaur bones! It was a huge hit and they LOVED it! 

Also is attached what hatched out of the Dino Egg... Rex from toy story! Oh so cute and fun times!
Side note: I have two weeks left in the Pre-K world and my heart is heavy. I am so excited for my new job and I love it already (I have been busy there in the afternoons) but theses kiddos are my babies! I love them so much and will miss them terribly! I will get to take some with me as they enter Kindergarten in my new school. Such mixed emotions and I know everything will be okay but it is hard to walk away from something you love so much!

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