Saturday, July 30, 2011

My very own "staff meeting"

Last week I got a note in my mail box that read: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! You are Cordially Invited To a Staff Meeting! This Royal Event will take Place Within the Castle of the YMCA on Tuesday The 26th Day of July in the Year 2011@ 5:30pm.
Topics of Discussion:Upcoming Events & Meetings, Food Program Updates, Transfer of Responsibilities, Staff Folders, Adopt A Solider Program, Fund Raisers and A few Other Odds N Ends.
Please Let Beth or Emma Know if You Are Unable To Attend.

This is what I walked into. If you are a teacher you know teachers like to eat food and at staff meetings we tend to have food. Just not this much and this kind of really good food! 
All of my favorites!
 All I heard all day long was how we have to go to a staff meeting and how long it will be. They are good actors! My husband was also in on it! He knew not to make dinner because I would be eating at the "staff meeting".
 My cake was made by Miss Nikki's mom. The twilight book was an awesome touch!

 How could they forget the princess paper products!

Well, we needless to say did not cover any of those topics. 
I have a very thoughtful staff that I will miss. 
I wonder who will be the one who will sing and dance down the hallways when the kids aren't looking? Who will make silly faces in the window of the toddler rooms when the little ones are crying? 
Who will go into work when it has snowed and no one can get there? 
I don't know but I will miss my kiddos and all of the fun and learning we have shared in the past 3 years!

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