Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reptile Land: Reptile, Birds and Dinosaurs!

The last part of our day was to view the rest of the animals and the Dinosaurs!
 Hello Mr. Alligator !

 This strange, slow moving reptile was a favorite of Mrs. Candie and Mrs. Trisha.
I had to drag them away from the tank!
 Theses two silly birds are dinosaurs. I did learn something during our trip. 
Birds are direct relatives to dinosaurs! Who knew!

 Stegosaurus and Mrs. Amanda
I think we look alike!
The very big T-rex and some of my kiddos! 
I was thinking to myself while this picture was being taken how much I will miss theses little ones and the fun things I get to expose their minds too! It was a great trip with lots of sleeping children on the way home!

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