Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mini Golf

We took Rachel to Mini Golf. It was such a cool evening with a breeze!

 This guy is too funny!
 Next to the golf course was some animals...
 The the ducks made a dash for the goat hut!
 The first brave duck checking things out. The others waiting for the okay!
 The goats up on the bridge thinking "Hey wait a minute were up here and the ducks are down there in OUR hut!"
 They had a lot of wood carvings. This is us with a Nitney Lion smelling the flowers!

The Potter's Palette

Rachel and I went to paint some pottery in the afternoon. Rachel picked a mug. 

  I picked a set of coasters. I like the metal holder it comes with. Very cute!
 Then we choose our paint and started painting.
 You have to give your painting 3 coats to get rich colors after it is glazed.
 I was slow and I was talking to the owner Bethany. She is so sweet!
 Rachel completed hers!

 Rachel's is done.
 It  takes about 3 days to get back. 
They glaze and fire it for you and then you pick it up when it is ready!
I only finished one side so I am going back next week to finish mine. 
We had a great time it was so calm and peaceful and relaxing! 
Very enjoyable! Highly recommend and there are great pieces for the kids!

Little Adventures

Yesterday, (Wednesday August 10th 2011)R and I went to school to work on a few odds and ends!
 She was such a big help, punching out animals for me! Thanks girlie!
Before lunch we took a walk around campus! This was just the start to our fun day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Fair: I go for the food!

Tuesday August 9th 2011
My niece is visiting this week and we took her to the County Fair. I love the food! 
 Pizza! YUMMY!
 Funnel Cake YUMMY!
 Okay so I am sad to say I am not an animal lover. I love to look at animals from a far. I am also allergic to anything with fur. That could be a little reason why I'm not into animals!
My neice however LOVES animals!
 M feeding the goats. They are so cute and I don't sneeze too much!
 This guy just made me laugh. He looks so silly. So serious. Your a goat!
 This cow loves to lick your hands. Not mine of course I took photos from a far.
 I have never seen anyone pet a cow.
 At most county fairs and fairs in the North there are RV's and Motor homes/ trailer on display. Well M and I have been thinking about one. I fell in love with this one. Do I look like I'm in a RV?
 My TV and fire place.
It would be sweet to be traveling the country in comfort. Thoughts?
We are going to be doing some more investigating!

My name is...

Well, I guess I am Mrs. Heck?!? So as most of you know I am changing teaching jobs. I am no long teaching Pre-K where they call me Miss. Amanda. Now, I am Mrs. Heck. When I first got introduced as Mrs. Heck I was confused. Oh yeah I guess I am Mrs. Heck. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen I have been married going on 5 years. You would think I knew what my last name was... No! So, on my door is now theses cute little letters to remind me I am Mrs. Heck.
 I have about 40 kids in school that know me as Miss. Amanda. We will all have to adjust!
 Target Dollar Spot Makes me weak at the knees! I found these cute Dr. Seuss 1 fish 2 fish Red Fish Blue Fish buckets that fit into my Ocean theme in my classroom! AWESOME!
Here is one of my bulletin boards There is a real book on my board.
I put push pins below the book to hold it up! 
(the glare from the lights makes it hard to read)
"Sink your teeth into a good book!"

Cape May

For a few days I had the privilage to spend some time with my cousins and god mother and all the friends of the cousins! 
 We had BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT days at the beach! The evenings were just as lovely!
 Cape May NJ
 Savannah beautiful as always!
 The kids! 
 Always a funny shot!
Tristin, Aunt Donna, Amanda
Thanks for letting me have a great vacation! I am excited to do it next year!
Love you all!

Wedding Boats: Kate & Brad

Always behind in my blogging.  JULY 30th I went to a fabulous wedding in the woods! 
Kate and Brad
Love Love Love
She came in on a canoe! My pictures didn't turn out well but it was so awesome!

 I made the love birds a towel cake. My 5th one. I think it turned out well!

 Oh Kate's Mama did an amazing job with all the little details! 
Theses little"scenes" should be in a wedding magazine!

 This was such a fun idea and went well with her country theme. Mason jars that had ribbons and tags on them to write your name on them! LOVE it! Totally Eco-friendly and cute!
I had Lemonade. It was so yummy!
 My little love bugs melt my heart! 
I heard lots of screaming MS. AMANDA'S through out this wedding!
 E stole a kiss! LOVE IT!
 More of my little ones all ready for the wedding!
 Okay it is show time. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer in a jeep! 
Down the isle they go!
My most treasured picture of the day. A kiss on the shoulder and a eww coodies look! 
That is how 4 year olds should be!
Congratulations Kate and Brad!
Much LOVE,