Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Fair: I go for the food!

Tuesday August 9th 2011
My niece is visiting this week and we took her to the County Fair. I love the food! 
 Pizza! YUMMY!
 Funnel Cake YUMMY!
 Okay so I am sad to say I am not an animal lover. I love to look at animals from a far. I am also allergic to anything with fur. That could be a little reason why I'm not into animals!
My neice however LOVES animals!
 M feeding the goats. They are so cute and I don't sneeze too much!
 This guy just made me laugh. He looks so silly. So serious. Your a goat!
 This cow loves to lick your hands. Not mine of course I took photos from a far.
 I have never seen anyone pet a cow.
 At most county fairs and fairs in the North there are RV's and Motor homes/ trailer on display. Well M and I have been thinking about one. I fell in love with this one. Do I look like I'm in a RV?
 My TV and fire place.
It would be sweet to be traveling the country in comfort. Thoughts?
We are going to be doing some more investigating!

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