Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My name is...

Well, I guess I am Mrs. Heck?!? So as most of you know I am changing teaching jobs. I am no long teaching Pre-K where they call me Miss. Amanda. Now, I am Mrs. Heck. When I first got introduced as Mrs. Heck I was confused. Oh yeah I guess I am Mrs. Heck. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen I have been married going on 5 years. You would think I knew what my last name was... No! So, on my door is now theses cute little letters to remind me I am Mrs. Heck.
 I have about 40 kids in school that know me as Miss. Amanda. We will all have to adjust!
 Target Dollar Spot Makes me weak at the knees! I found these cute Dr. Seuss 1 fish 2 fish Red Fish Blue Fish buckets that fit into my Ocean theme in my classroom! AWESOME!
Here is one of my bulletin boards There is a real book on my board.
I put push pins below the book to hold it up! 
(the glare from the lights makes it hard to read)
"Sink your teeth into a good book!"

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