Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Potter's Palette

Rachel and I went to paint some pottery in the afternoon. Rachel picked a mug. 

  I picked a set of coasters. I like the metal holder it comes with. Very cute!
 Then we choose our paint and started painting.
 You have to give your painting 3 coats to get rich colors after it is glazed.
 I was slow and I was talking to the owner Bethany. She is so sweet!
 Rachel completed hers!

 Rachel's is done.
 It  takes about 3 days to get back. 
They glaze and fire it for you and then you pick it up when it is ready!
I only finished one side so I am going back next week to finish mine. 
We had a great time it was so calm and peaceful and relaxing! 
Very enjoyable! Highly recommend and there are great pieces for the kids!

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