Thursday, September 22, 2011

What is in MY School Bag!

I am linking up with Abby from theThe Inspired Apple! I get some AMAZING ideas from her blog!  We are chatting about our teacher bags. I am so relieved to see I am not the only teacher that carries so much stuff in their bag just in case they have time to get to it at home!
This bag I got for student teaching many years ago and I still use it when I'm in the mood.
This is the bag my mother n law got me and I have been using it up until about two weeks ago.
I was using this Purple Punch Vera Bradly Tote to tote around my technology items (lap top and i pad).
Then finally I order this lovely bag from Vera. It's not as fun as my other bags but it looks professional and it keeps my electronics safe from the soon to be winter weather! Shhhhhh
Now what can I fit into this lovely bag...
My lesson plan book (which is upside down)
Some papers (which are also upside down but are right side up in my photo gallery)
Library Skill books
I can not live with out my colored pens! They make me so happy!
My purple wireless mouse.
My computer with the new Vera Bradley skin on it and my wires that go along with my laptop.
(I am not paid to mention Vera I just love the purple patterns.)
Lastly some super fun alphabet books I used in the sweet Kindergarten Classes. They LOVED all three of theses fun books!
To all my teacher blogging friends out there! Keep up the good work! It's almost the end of September!
You are all so special to be doing the job you do!

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  1. Love the bags, how cute is the Mrs. Heck one ;) Awesome Vera skin, I didn't even know they had that! I am late to Abby's party, here is my bag