Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beginnings of our new home.

In less then a year we will be moving into our new home. We (M and I) have been photo documenting the process since day one back in May.
The piles of dirt is where three small houses use to be. 
June 16th 2010

Then a month later which seemed like a lot of dirt pushing which I guess they need to level out the ground first. They started pouring some foundation and making concrete walls.
July 14th 2010
 Then August rolled around and there is more bricks.
August 10th 2010

August 31st the plumbing is finished!
 October 7th we have walls!

 A picture of my feet on what will be our new bathroom titles for each bathroom.
 An example of the shower stall for the one bathroom. So much more easier to clean the a titled bathroom.
This is a photo of our new furniture. This is the love seat. We also got a matching sofa and chair and a half. Not in this color in a dark brown.
The last color on the swatch! 

Next is our new kitchen table!
 It will look much better in our new home then in the store! This table currently has one leaf in it which is shown in the picture. We got the second leaf and it will fit up to 14 people! I am so excited! More dinner parties to be had!

I really love theses chairs. They are really comfortable, much more so then the ones we currently have.
So far we are making good progress and I can not wait until spring!

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