Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Annual Friends Thanksgiving Dinner

Each year for the past 7ish years our friends have gotten together to have a thanksgiving dinner.
We each bring our own dish to share. It began in Russel Hall. Then to Gross Hall for the past at least 5 years. On year we had it at a friends house in town. This year was the last year in Gross Hall since the building will not be in use (we think). You might be thinking Hall? Well I live a very interesting life which is a different story.

 This year M made home made Pierogies along with the turkey (he makes it every year and it is juicy and delicious)
 L decorated the table!
Yummy Food!

 Lots of Friends all together!
 M and I with his hunting beard. (NO COMMENT)
G and M Best Buddies forever!
We are so thankful for the great group of friends that we have!
Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

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