Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Cookies and other Shenanigans!

 Christmas Eve was full of Christmas Cheer!
As my sister put it " It didn't feel like Christmas until she got here!"
I purposefully put on one of my Christmas turtlenecks (they use to be my mothers) because it brings out the cheer in EVERYONE! We first started with some Christmas Cookie making and decorating!
My mother use to set up a cookie sheet (see image below) and let us decorate! Now I am in charge and she LOVES it because she has to do nothing!
 A insisting on doing her own...
 My trays of cookies!
 Now I put my cookies in while my sister was decorating hers. I set the timer.  My cookies came out just right! I asked my sister if she wanted me to help with hers. She said no... and there was no timer!
I finally asked her "Are your cookies done? "
 Opps! I took out her cookies and they were well... you can see for yourself!
 Next year it has been decided that I will be in charge of all Cookie Baking!
 We then began the hardest Christmas puzzle EVER! (Thanks MOM!)
 A before her HO HO HO party!
 Christmas Eve Dinner...
After Mass we were in our Christmas PJ's!  OH the Sisterly Love
More puzzle making... I gave up!
Merry Christmas 2011

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