Saturday, December 10, 2011

Earl the Squirrel

Well we have had a mild fall/winter and I have seen the squirrels still out and about. I feel bad for them since it is really cold just no snow. Every once in a while I see Earl  the Squirrel. He comes around at least once a day. Today I caught him eating some food I left for him. We did have another squirrel named Zap. I think he died. We are pretty sure he is the reason why our air conditioner broke last summer. He got into it. His tail was fried for a long time. Now I don't see him around anymore.

 Hi Earl! Do you like your  breakfast snack?
From the looks of the red cup behind him maybe he had a party last night?
RED SOLO CUP... I drink you up! (sorry I had too. The song has be stuck in my head and I only hear it twice.)

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