Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review 2011 (Part 1)

2011 in Review
 I started off my year at the Early Years Conference with one of my besties Trisha!
January 22nd 2011
 I was so happy to witness this sweet little boy's dedication! So handsome just like his daddy!
January 23rd 2011
 Then I got allergy tested again! Let's just shock that immune system that is already compromised!
January 25th 2011
 The month of LOVE was so much fun with my Pre-K kiddos. We made organic "LOVE" muffins!
February 14th 2011
 I got a new book from my Valentine M!
 March was crazy madness as my tulips started to bloom!

 My favorite time of year making green play dough!
March 1st 2011
Wacky Wednesday ( Dr. Seuss Week) March 2nd 2011
 Another Amazing Vacation with friends! I love you R family!
 A beautiful almost spring day March 28th 2011
 April started off with me ironing a nice white table cloth and setting it with Easter decor. 
I really enjoyed this... I think it was because it was a sign of Spring!
April 2nd 2011
April 14th 2011 I walked to work as much as I could during Lent. 
God made this beautiful earth!

 On April 25th 2011 my tulips started to bloom.
 On April 27th 2011 my tulips were all gone due to a hail storm.
May 1st 2011 brought baby boys who turned one years old! 
 Home made Banana Bread that did not burn!
 Birthday's ...
 June was my last Pre-K Graduation!
Little did I know I would be graduating too the"BIG KID" school with some of my kiddos!
 Dinosaur Camp started June 10th and it was fun! 
Where is the rest of his body? How did he get in here? Is there more dinosaurs?
 M made this Amazing dinosaur egg with dinosaur in it!
 A guess or two?

In July ... T-Rex arrived
Digging for some dinosaurs!

So many dinosaurs so little time. I didn't get to finish dinosaur camp. I got a job at the BIG KID school!
A long weekend in Vermont

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