Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vacation Part 3 The Beach

 Friday January 27th 2012 was a beach day! 

 In the evening it was low tide and we walked down the beach to a "pond" of water.

 Picture before dinner... it was chilly. I am so glad I decided to wear that black long sleeve on the plane ride!
 Another view from our balcony!
The next day (Saturday January 29th) it was another beautiful day.
 A sun screen smile always brights up your day!
 This picture is of a feather right next to my chair. (Aunt Donna this picture is for you)
 So the beach had a little seaweed on it!
 The resort thought they could just dig it up. They start sinking in the sand when the water washed up.
Not such a great idea!
M's snorkeling gear hanging from our hut on the beach!
Polly want a cracker?

Vacation Part 2 The room

We finally got room keys and I knew coming into this the rooms were not great. I read reviews online. Well  I was right they were 2 maybe 3 star rooms. We were in a room 3007 which was on the first floor of building 3. There are 9 buildings. The light switches didn't work. The hair drier was a tube of air that comes out of the wall. and the view from the balcony was this... the side of the hotel next door.
We went to look around and finally after spotting the ice cream machine I felt better. I looked through the food line and didn't see anything I would eat but bread and butter. I didn't say anything to M but I think he knew that something was wrong. He insisted that he go see if there was another room available for us to stay in. I said no he said yes. Long story short we went from the view above to this view and a room that had just been updated and had working light switches!
 This is room 1007 and its on the first floor facing the beach!

 Now for those of you thinking wow this girl seems snotty. You need to understand that when you have traveled a lot and most of your vacations growing up were Disney vacations DETAILS MATTER!
Even in there newest room it smelled like mold was growing in the vent ducts. M got really sink whenever we were in the room but was fine when we weren't! There was mold growing on the grout around the mirrors and little "piss" ants everywhere!

The view however made it bearable! We spent as little time as possible in our room.

Vacation Part 1 Arrival

 M and I started our journey as we are calling it our Second Honeymoon. We call it this because it's the first vacation that just the two of us went on since our 1st honeymoon. Normally we travel with friends and family. We stayed at the Newark Hampton Inn the night before our flight and it was perfect! Always so clean and the staff was welcoming! The airport is across the street. It only takes a few minutes to drive to the airport parking and the shuttle bus was very quick and clean. Breakfast at the Hampton Inn was delicious and they had donuts from dunkin donuts!
Once we got to the airport check in was simple and the staff was helpful. We flew Continental which is now United?  The staff wore both Continental and Untied attire. Continental was impressive they boarded passengers in the back rows first after first class of course! This made me extremely happy and it is super smart. No more bumping into the people that are already seated with your luggage. It was a 3 and half hour flight to our final destination Puerto Plata in the Dominic Republic or Republica Dominicana as it was written in the country. They served breakfast which was delicious! Fresh Fruit, muffin and an egg and cheese omelet! I was very impressed although I do not know if this service will continue with the merge. The rest of our flight was just fine. M let me have the window seat! He is so sweet!  We landed at 1:45 RD time which is one hour ahead of us. Getting off the plane went well. There was a very loud local band playing which I did not care for and then you had to pay a 10.00 entrance fee into the country!  I just kept thinking that this is a 3rd world country and they need this money. I hope they use it to help the people in need. M got us a taxi which was a little scary but I had been in one before in other 3rd world countries so it wasn't that big of a deal. It only cost us 40.00 US dollars as opposed to the 200.00 US dollars the hotel shuttle wanted. It was a 15-20 minute ride which was fine, a little sad to see how the people live but this was not my first time seeing a country like this!
The taxi took us next door to the hotel we were suppose to be at but they kindly took us on a golf cart ride to our hotel. We stayed at the Iberstar Costa Dorada.
We started our stay with a nice fruity drink (non-alcoholic)
Welcome drink from both hotels were tasty. Our room was not ready upon arrival so I go my sandals on and we took a walk around the lobby area. Everything is open.  M and I have been to many different hotels around the world and this was not a 4 star like advertised. It was more like a 3 star but it had some good and bad qualities.
 They had matching horses. I am not really sure why. These were in the lobby.

 A fountain in the main courtyard.

 This is my artsy picture for the trip!
A fountain to the left.
 A fountain to the right.

 The pool.

 The pool was very clean and it was really pretty all lite up at night!
 We spent most of our afternoons by the pool. It was less windy and if it rained (which it did for two days) we sat underneath theses huts.

January 25th and 26th 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Our First Snow for the season!

January... Januray... Yes I did say January! The first snow for us is in January! This season has been so mild I had to pray for snow this year. Well I did and it came! Happy FACE!
 The week started off with a few ice/ freezing rain storms then Thursday things finally turned around!
 The beginning of the snow! Round 1

 The next morning I was so happy to see the sun and snow!
 My shadow ready to go to work!
 The beauty or where I live is sometimes so overwhelming and breathtaking all at once!
OH happy day! Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Day when the snow was fresh and the sun was shinning!
I hear we have some more of this fluffy white stuff in the forecast for tonight! YIPPY!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Minute Girls Weekend!

Happy Birthday Stacey!
 Just a week before we decided we need a girls weekend! This would be our first Girls weekend in 6 years that was in the month of January due to the mild weather! It was also the day after someone's very special birthday!
 We dressed her up, sang and gave her Super Stacey Cupcakes!
 There is always chocolate present at our girls weekends!
 Birthday girl opening her presents!
 The girls open their boys Christmas presents!

 Some silliness is always requires!
 Shopping in my scrapbooking room...
 Some clowning around.
 and of course more food!
This year we will be friends for 10 years! 
Love you girls!
Group picture will be added once someone sends it to me!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Maria and Daddy

She already has Dad wrapped around her little fingers!
A Daughter is...
A joy bringer,
A heart warmer,
 A memory maker,
 A Daughter is...