Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vacation Part 2 The room

We finally got room keys and I knew coming into this the rooms were not great. I read reviews online. Well  I was right they were 2 maybe 3 star rooms. We were in a room 3007 which was on the first floor of building 3. There are 9 buildings. The light switches didn't work. The hair drier was a tube of air that comes out of the wall. and the view from the balcony was this... the side of the hotel next door.
We went to look around and finally after spotting the ice cream machine I felt better. I looked through the food line and didn't see anything I would eat but bread and butter. I didn't say anything to M but I think he knew that something was wrong. He insisted that he go see if there was another room available for us to stay in. I said no he said yes. Long story short we went from the view above to this view and a room that had just been updated and had working light switches!
 This is room 1007 and its on the first floor facing the beach!

 Now for those of you thinking wow this girl seems snotty. You need to understand that when you have traveled a lot and most of your vacations growing up were Disney vacations DETAILS MATTER!
Even in there newest room it smelled like mold was growing in the vent ducts. M got really sink whenever we were in the room but was fine when we weren't! There was mold growing on the grout around the mirrors and little "piss" ants everywhere!

The view however made it bearable! We spent as little time as possible in our room.

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