Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vacation Part 3 The Beach

 Friday January 27th 2012 was a beach day! 

 In the evening it was low tide and we walked down the beach to a "pond" of water.

 Picture before dinner... it was chilly. I am so glad I decided to wear that black long sleeve on the plane ride!
 Another view from our balcony!
The next day (Saturday January 29th) it was another beautiful day.
 A sun screen smile always brights up your day!
 This picture is of a feather right next to my chair. (Aunt Donna this picture is for you)
 So the beach had a little seaweed on it!
 The resort thought they could just dig it up. They start sinking in the sand when the water washed up.
Not such a great idea!
M's snorkeling gear hanging from our hut on the beach!
Polly want a cracker?

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